28 April 2011

Packing Up

We're getting ready to go on holiday in Tuscany for a week. There is so much that I am looking forward to, some of those things include: 
+ spending good, solid, family time together
+ enjoying lots of good gelato and enjoying walking off all that gelato,
+ going to the Uffizzi Gallery to see my beloved Botticelli paintings,
+ discovering some new spots with my boys,
+ introducing the little guy to the seaside (again).

Time to get packing!

18 April 2011

Hello Little Caterpillar

When I learned that I was having a boy, the first toy I bought for him was this little caterpillar. He hasn't really played with it yet, of course, knocked it around a bit. At this stage, he just enjoys drooling on the the pull string and banging the little, orange critter against the floor and that makes me smile.

Found at my favorite local bookstore, Livres en Tête, from plan toys.

12 April 2011

here I am

I keep putting off starting this blog by days, weeks, months, years. So I guess, today, Tuesday, the Twelfth of April, Two Thousand Eleven is as good a day as any to begin. Here we go. It's a party.
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