25 February 2013

on building bridges

When Clover and I were back in the States, we took a sunny stroll with my mom along the Antique Row in Snohomish. Well, I should say my mom wrangled Clover while I popped into a couple cute shops. Just before we headed back to give the little guy his nap, we were treated to the most lovely view of the river.

Some days home is here in France. Some days it's still back in the States.  I suppose it is all the places I carry in my heart.  They are numerous and it's not necessarily due to the length of stay at a certain address.  I've been surprised to learn that like most things, a sense of place, of belonging, is ever-changing and it's a lot more encompassing than just one's residence.

08 February 2013

what the world needs

Today, the world needed me to go and ski with two, wonderful girlfriends.  I would like to thank the world for being so thoughtful and generous, especially for offering a bluebird day with 60 centimeters of freshly fallen snow and bright sunshine.  

I have come alive! 

Have a great weekend!  And if you feel like sharing, I would love to know -- what makes you come alive? 

01 February 2013

weekend survival with rocks, brooms and maps

Here's to a beautiful weekend.  I never get tired of this view, a snowy Mont Blanc from a Saint Gervais vantage point.

I learned a new joke about an obscure winter sport. Want to hear it?

How do you keep bacon from curling?    You take away their tiny, little brooms.

Cute, don't you think? If you are as unfamiliar to the sport of curling as I am, then you might enjoy my write up of the international curling competition in Les Contamines. Read it here.  You don't have to like the sport, you just hopefully have to like my pictures.

If you were bummed to arrive at the end of 30 Rock, here is an awesome infographic of nine classic jokes from the hilarious television series.

And the third thing I want to tell you about is an online map-making class taught by the lovely Anne Ditmeyer from Prêt à Voyager. I'm already registered, come join the fun and take it with me!

What would you make a map of?

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