25 April 2012

a quick trip

Clover, the early bird woke us up just before 5:30 on Saturday. So to make the most of our bright eyes and bushy tails we piled in the car and headed into Geneva for the morning.  Usually we meander around the Vieille Ville or Carouge neighborhood or we like to poke around the flea market of Plainpalais. This time we went towards the water. It was nice to walk around while the city slowly woke up around us.

We bundled up and played on  the Pont de la Machine. It's not the prettiest name for a bridge but it's appellation comes from that it was originally a small foot bridge connecting where the first hydraulic machine pumped water from the Rhone for all the city's fountains. Fountains now that's a bit more romantic.

We looked at ducks, pointed at swans and chased pigeons. Well mostly, Clover was the one chasing the birds.

And of course we looked at more birds from inside, when we needed to warm up with coffee and hot chocolate. The little man was quite a charmer and some tourists asked if it was all right to take his picture. Can you blame them? I can't.

So I got my much needed coffee fix and also got to catch up on all the latest in swiss watchmaking. I think I need a new timepiece. Félix?

I had high hopes that we would make it to the botanical gardens.  But with such an early start to the day, my wonderful boys with matching hats were so very sleepy once we got in the car that we just kept driving homeward. It was a quick trip to Geneva but a fun one all the same.

20 April 2012

a lingering fog

This is the view from our place this week.  We are slowly coming out of our winter hibernation. It feels a bit like the low hanging fog outside has sneakily crept inside and into my head.   So sleepy...

I thought I could put away my snow boots because the calendar shows that it has been spring for a full month now. Apparently, Mother Nature doesn't like these silly labels. And to show it, she's keeping a thick brume over our heads, showering us with snow off and on and every day this week. That sly little lady.

But I'm hopeful that the sun is going to break through soon, inside and out. In the meantime, I guess,  I'll just snuggle in and make myself another coffee until this fog lifts. Should I brew you a cup, too?

14 April 2012

easter lamb

photo credit: my Dean Martin

Is it too late to talk about Easter? How about the week before Easter? Because that was a very special week. We had a week long visit from my aunt and uncle.  Such a blast.  I really love having visitors.  It meant so much to have them come over and stay with us.

Once our lovely guests left, Clover came down with a high fever and he has been feeling pretty miserable.  The fever finally broke after three days but he hasn't let me out of his sight, day or night. Not usually his style, it's a little bit better today but after a week of this we're still spending a lot of time at home, just me and the little man.

But how about Easter? Did you have a good one? Besides continuing to play the role of a human comfort blankie, we had a nice dinner at Félix's aunt and uncle's house. Good laughter and great food, just a super pleasant, traditional Easter dinner. Hope all is well with you!

02 April 2012

local love

We left Clover with his grandparents for a night last week. Félix and I made the absolute most of it and stayed a night in Annecy.   We picked a spot near where we used to have an apartment, right by the castle on the hill.  Waking up the next day as the sun rose across the valley, it was  positively dream-like.

We spent a wonderful morning walking down the cobblestone streets in the old town.

And looking over the old, tiled rooftops of the city.

We stopped for a morning coffee at a café beside the canal, drenched in warm sunshine.

and happily strolled along our favorite spots and well-traveled paths.

We reveled in the beauty of an early morning ballade next to the lake.The dreamiest start to a day, before Félix had to head to his classes and I went back home to pick up Clover. It was perfect, a much-needed moment to pause time and reconnect before returning to the usual pace of life, running in all different directions. I think it's a getaway that I will tuck away in my memories to be brought out and thought of during hectic moments.  A lovely, happy escape.
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