02 April 2012

local love

We left Clover with his grandparents for a night last week. Félix and I made the absolute most of it and stayed a night in Annecy.   We picked a spot near where we used to have an apartment, right by the castle on the hill.  Waking up the next day as the sun rose across the valley, it was  positively dream-like.

We spent a wonderful morning walking down the cobblestone streets in the old town.

And looking over the old, tiled rooftops of the city.

We stopped for a morning coffee at a café beside the canal, drenched in warm sunshine.

and happily strolled along our favorite spots and well-traveled paths.

We reveled in the beauty of an early morning ballade next to the lake.The dreamiest start to a day, before Félix had to head to his classes and I went back home to pick up Clover. It was perfect, a much-needed moment to pause time and reconnect before returning to the usual pace of life, running in all different directions. I think it's a getaway that I will tuck away in my memories to be brought out and thought of during hectic moments.  A lovely, happy escape.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Lovely photos :)

  2. You're the cutest. :)


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