14 April 2012

easter lamb

photo credit: my Dean Martin

Is it too late to talk about Easter? How about the week before Easter? Because that was a very special week. We had a week long visit from my aunt and uncle.  Such a blast.  I really love having visitors.  It meant so much to have them come over and stay with us.

Once our lovely guests left, Clover came down with a high fever and he has been feeling pretty miserable.  The fever finally broke after three days but he hasn't let me out of his sight, day or night. Not usually his style, it's a little bit better today but after a week of this we're still spending a lot of time at home, just me and the little man.

But how about Easter? Did you have a good one? Besides continuing to play the role of a human comfort blankie, we had a nice dinner at Félix's aunt and uncle's house. Good laughter and great food, just a super pleasant, traditional Easter dinner. Hope all is well with you!

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