28 January 2013

why you should go

This is a personal reminder to go ahead and get out there. Just take the first step, you'll feel so much better once you do.

Really, you can reheat your coffee when you get back. Just go. Go now.

Start walking and then, pick up the pace.  Try to see the same path with fresh eyes. Look at old stones in a new light.

 Dressed for it or not. Just go. Should you misplace your gloves, pockets will work nicely for keeping you hands warm.

Because once you go, you'll find that your energy is abundant and your smile cannot be contained.

So go already, Mills. Just go.

22 January 2013

my run-in with a yeti

Do yeti exist? Is that why all these people are cheering?

I don't claim to be a girl that has all the answers but you'll be informed on the above questions in my most recent article for the Les Contamines webzine. Read it in french or in english, if you like.

19 January 2013

doughnuts: an introduction

On our recent trip back to the States, I introduced Clover to the sprinkle doughnut.   He perfected his eating technique within minutes --which is to gobble up the icing and sprinkles and pass off the rest of the doughnut to someone else.

Once finished,  he looks around to make sure he can't help anyone finish their stray sprinkles or tasty frosting.  You know, in case a person just couldn't entirely manage that difficult task on their own.

I admit this introduction came about for a selfish reason; I was craving a doughnut.  My favorite is the buttermilk bar or the classic old-fashioned.  But in the face of fried dough and sugar, there is really quite little I would refuse. Some might call that gluttonous.  I prefer the term easy-to-please.

06 January 2013

To begin again

The start of a new year feels full of promise. Light, bright and exciting. Let's hope 2013 holds much adventure, prosperity and goodness.

Is there anything you are looking forward to most in this new year?

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