31 October 2011

happy halloween!

photo credit - my mom

Clover is wearing his Halloween monsters t-shirt today, so he's taking care of the costume component for the holiday.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate Halloween over here than a special halloween sprinkle doughnut shared via email from abroad. (Thanks for thinking of us, Mom!).

29 October 2011

lo-fi lately : Brigitte

 I am the type that falls in love with a song and listens to it on repeat, over and over and over again. But I sometimes change things up by listening to one album on repeat over and over and over again. I know, WILD, right?  lo-fi lately  posts are what's playing on our orange stereo or what I wish was...

My musical taste is somewhat varied but I have a soft spot for indie folk. Les Brigitte are delightfully balanced--two friends, one blonde, one brunette, both with beautiful voices. They sing sweet melodies and have witty lyrics, retro outfits and slightly, odd music videos. Listening to their album, Et vous? Tu m'aimes?, brightens my day but it isn't too over the top that the music can't fade into the background. One of my favorites is La Vengeance d'une Louve. Brigitte originally became known for their cover of NTM's "Ma Benz", fame which I feel is perfectly merited. (NTM is a legendary french rap duo, popular in the 90's and known for mostly violent, agressive lyrics and well, Joey Starr.) Another Brigitte song, "Je Veux un Enfant", describes beautifully and accurately the sentiments of a woman eager and impatient to start a family. Completely hypnotic. Hope you like them, too!

25 October 2011

fall fervor

This fall, we've been going on lots of family walks to make the most of the warm sunshine, the cold, crisp air and the sweet smell of fallen leaves.  Some friends came over for an impromptu dinner party the other night. Our table was looking a little empty and it was too late to buy flowers. I opted for some leaves and collected a bunch of these autumn beauties in the dark, minutes before our guests arrived.  Recently, the winds have started to pick up and bring the colorful leaves flurrying and swirling about the street. I’m reveling in this most recent transition from toasty, sun-filled afternoons to blustery, wintry weather.  How can one not love this time of year?

17 October 2011

book envy

I saw this book from Julia Rothman, via Design Sponge.  I think it might just find a way onto my bookshelf.

13 October 2011

no mountain high enough

The other weekend on a bright and sunny morning, we set out to hike a mountain, just Félix and I. It was fantastic and hard and I am glad we did it. The Mont Joly has been on my list of hikes to do since I moved over here.  It felt so good to be out early in the morning, working on getting to the top and in a lot of ways that hike has mimicked some recent obstacles in my life. Some parts are steep, some with narrow passage but the hard work required leads to something amazing.  Were it not for toil and difficulty, there wouldn't be breathtaking beauty and a sense of accomplishment at the top.
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