26 October 2012

Do you need more cowbell?

You can find me over at Little Village Life discussing the Combat des Reines, a livestock event like no other.  I talk about the surprise and suspense of a bovine battle royal. When the cows lock horns, you can expect...read more.

p.s. if you aren't familiar with the american pop culture reference in the title, you may want to watch this clip with Will Ferrell.  And if you are familiar with it, then we both know you definitely want to watch it.

19 October 2012

3 things for a chilly fall day

When we came back from Corsica, we were greeted by a fog so thick the majority of the weekend we could hardly see across the street. The trees would peek out only occasionally.

The gloomy, grey mist and sharp cold were the perfect welcome back to fall reality.  All I wanted to do was curl up with a book on the couch, huddle under thick blankets and slurp hot soup to try to shake the chill. I guess, sometimes the best way to greet the cold weather is to simply submit to it.  The thick brume has  since left us so I'm looking forward to spending lots of time outside this weekend. No matter the weather though, I hope you find a way to keep warm this weekend!

Here are my three picks for keeping cozy:

1. Curling up with a good book -  Bringing up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, the only woman to win the Man Booker prize twice, it looks easy to get lost in the pages. On a fluffier, chick-lit note, 50 Shades of Grey has arrived in France.  Thinking I might just have to add that to my book pile, too. Have you read it?

2. Homemade soup on the stove - One of my new favorite recipes for tomato soup. If you still have a couple good tomatoes left, it's easy and delicious.

3. Bundling up with lots of layers -  Really pretty scarves keep you warmer.  It's a proven fact. I like these from fashionABLE, not only do they look good and keep your neck warm, they also help create sustainable business for women in Africa. It's a win-win.

By the way, these are not sponsored links, just things I like and couldn't help sharing.

So don't hold out on me, what are your picks for enjoying a chilly, fall weekend?

15 October 2012

we need to talk about Corsica

Just after I waxed poetic about welcoming autumn, we did the exact opposite and jetted off to Corsica to catch the waning rays of sun and summer.  It was the perfect trip. The three of us, along with Félix's sister met up with Félix's cousin and his cousin's friend.  Can I just tell you that a ratio of 5 adults to 1 child is my kind of ratio? 

Our mornings would begin with the three of us sneaking out of the house for coffee and croissants in the harbor while the other housemates slept.  The citadel of Bonifacio loomed high above the small harbor below.  Sitting outside, sipping our coffee, Clover provided a constant narration of which boats went motoring by past the white limestone cliffs on their way out to sea. We'd head back to the house with croissants for the late sleepers and then we would all head off to the beach. It was a rhythm I could totally get on board with.

We stayed at Félix cousin's place in Spérone, at the southern most spot in Corsica. There was just so much to love about where we were.  It's rugged and gorgeous.

Hadri, Félix's cousin showed us a fun spot, a completely concealed beachside restaurant.  It was totally hidden behind the scrub oak until we were gazing at the sea.  We had a long, lingering lunch in front of that perfect view.  There are so many great hidden coves and secret beaches.

Clover didn't want to go near the water. Even so much as the tiniest drop would elicit squeals of distress. He would happily play in the sand and then all of a sudden on the second to last day he acted as if there was nothing he would rather do more than play in the surf. All fear forgotten. We could not get that boy out of the water. 

Which by the way, can we talk about the water? I've been to the mediterranean plenty but I have never seen it such a gorgeous turquoise, so clean and so clear.  Amazing. And I think another reason why I was so blown over by the place is that it is so close. By plane it's less than two hours but it felt a whole world away when we were there.

It was a fun, quick trip full  of lots of laughs, wonderful family and friends, great food, great champagne, and beautiful beaches, too.  Which really sums up my idea of a perfect trip in the sunshine before the cold autumn arrives.

I can't wait until we find our way back to the cobblestone streets, the golden sunsets and the silky, white-sand beaches of Corsica... Until then, I think it will feel like a dream that we were ever there. 

Do tell, do you have a favorite vacation spot? I find mine is changing all the time.

07 October 2012

you can own the night

You can own the night, if you like. However, I'll keep the mornings.  I'm much more partial to them these days.  We caught this sunrise in Corsica the other week.  It was... well, magical. I have to say I am head over heels for the place. Corsica completely captured my heart.
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