17 July 2011

eating local

A sign that summer is in full swing is the abundance of  farm fresh produce at our Tuesday market. The lady at my favorite fruit and vegetable stand likes to pretend to listen to my order and then give me whatever she thinks appropriate.  "4 apricots? oh, no, six would be much better. They're pesticide free! The tomatoes were just picked yesterday, they'll last the whole week. You want only 3? hmm, how about a kilo?! Have you seen the courgettes? Two? No, no, you need four."  I can't say  that I mind that she tops up our order, a few more fruits and vegetables to finish isn't a bad thing. I'd say it's a healthy, win-win situation. 

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  1. i'm so glad you found me. your blog is pretty...will be fun to follow. added to my reader!


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