04 December 2012

Where you may find yourself

Recently, I was selected to participate in a new communication campaign over the coming year.  It's put together by the Tourism Office for our village.  My new, official title is Web Ambassador.  I am thrilled to be able to share some of what I love about where we live with an even broader audience. It's my hope that wherever you may be in the world that my words transport you here.

The program is being headed by Switch, a digital design company that I've heard lots of good things about.  At an introductory half-day session, I got to meet my other fellow ambassadors. There are eight of us in all and everyone has something wonderful to offer. Some live in the area; some don't.  It's a neat group, a nice mix of perspectives and interests with a common passion for our little village nestled high up in the Alps.

My first article to kick-off the series will appear in a couple weeks.  You can meet my fellow web ambassadors and read more about the program here, if you like.


  1. so cool! congrats! this is awesome. can't wait to see the series.

  2. super excited about it! and there is something about our village that you will totally love that I have never mentioned here, Sara...but it's coming soon!


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