15 July 2013

still around

photo credit: the always amazing JYR

Hello! I certainly didn't mean to go so long without a word here.  I went back to work in April and the world has moved at hyperspeed ever since. It's a challenge but a new chapter that I am enjoying immensely.

The other weekend, I ran my first trail race.  We started in the village and then ran up and  flailed down the super steep paths all around the valley.  It was a lot of fun and pretty challenging. A12km race by teams of two was the perfect initiation into the excitement and adrenaline of trail races.   I had a delightful friend as my trail-running partner.  We had great encouragement from Félix and Clover and our friends. Such a fun surprise to come down through a trail and see everyone cheering.  It lifted our spirits every time.

During the course,  I had decided that I was most definitely not going to ever run a trail race ever, ever again.  Those hills were killer but, once we crossed the finish line and joined the festive post-race ambiance, that feeling was quickly forgotten.


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