02 December 2013

frozen in time

We went up to the Lac Vert, (Green lake)just beyond the Plateau d'Assy ski area,  a couple weeks ago after the first snow.  It seemed to mirror my feelings of being caught between two seasons.  The autumn  leaves held on tight,  still peeking out from underneath the weighty snow.  And the magnetic pull of winter set in, while the Mont-Blanc showed off its new coat of white just beyond the trees.

It was one of those magical weekends that I didn't want to end.

Then again, who ever really does want the weekend to end?   But at least since it feels like the week days seem to have sped up a notch again, the weekend is never all that far away.

So, back to our blissful time out and about in the snow and the sun... after a walk around the lake, we had eclairs as an afternoon snack while we watched the parasailers take off across the valley.

Let's all hope for a week of smooth sailing.

Until then, take care!


  1. Wow these are amazingly gorgeous pictures! Sounds like an awesome weekend.


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