10 June 2012

back in the swing of things

We are back home in France. Vacation was wonderful. We are battling fierce jet lag but I have high hopes for a more traditional sleep schedule sometime soon. In the meantime,  family naps with the sound of tennis rallies and the muffled cheers of the crowd at Roland Garros feel so indulgent and entirely relaxing.  The shortcoming of sleep is a small price to pay for such a wonderful trip. It was just the best! Expect an abundance of highlights in the coming days.


  1. Can't wait for the highlights :-)

  2. gorgeous photo. welcome home. so glad the trip was fab, hope the travel was ok.

  3. Anonymous12/6/12 02:33

    precious pic. -e

  4. absolutely gorgeous. i love your images (and the rounded edges)!! glad you are living it up, with babe in tow!


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