14 June 2012

in New York

I'm not really sure where to start. This trip was so much fun. The only thing is I took so few photos. I wish I had taken more but sometimes it is just so nice to partake in the moments instead of observe them behind a lens. So a majority of phone pics and a few rare snapshots by our regular camera will have to do. 

We had a great little apartment in Greenwich Village just off Bleecker. It was such fun little neighborhood to hang out it in. So many good spots to eat and cute shops to browse.  Not to mention all the great playgrounds, Clover loved it. We did too. I want to go back.

Our first morning, in town we headed up towards the Natural History Museum and then wandered over to Central Park. 

We took a break on the benches and enjoyed the people watching. 

We had so much fun walking all over the city. We strolled all along Fifth Avenue and stopped in to see a place I have always wanted to go, The New York Public Library. Clover snoozed in his stroller the whole while.  The reading rooms are so beautiful.

And would you believe that Félix got to meet President Obama? Okay, not really, but he did get a wave from the President going by in his motorcade.  That counts, don't you think? We randomly happened upon the route that had been road blocked as he was departing the city.

On a rainy afternoon we got to meet up with my cousin M and her sweet little girl, S. She suggested that we hit up the children's museum on the Upper Westside. It was perfect and so fun to catch up. I can't wait to see them again. Hopefully this summer. Right, M?

So tell me, what do you think of New York? Have you been? What are your favorite spots and things to do in the city? 

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