24 July 2012

making a quick day trip to Italy

Benvenuto! Félix and I made a run for the Italian border last week.  We headed over to Aosta.  It's just under an hour and a half from where we live making it the perfect distance for a quick day trip. 

We leisurely sipped our delightfully strong coffee and ate hazelnut pastries in the bright sunshine. The coffee is so, so very good. I happily indulged in a caffe latte to start my day, my favorite. They are always so delicious in Italy, the gold standard of lattes.

We strolled all over the city and admired the Roman ruins. We stopped in to make sure that the Teatro Romano was still standing.

 We can breathe easy, even after nearly 2000 years, the south wall of the Roman Theater is holding up well. We checked out some italian music and contemplated a Klimt exposition but decided we needed lunch first.

 We found a bite to eat at  a wineshop café with a hidden courtyard. We had big, fresh salads and toasted our day trip with a nice glass of local wine.   We were near l'Arco d'Augusto, the arch dedicated to the Emperor Augustus built in 25 BC. I love that. I adore being among the Roman ruins,  just knowing something has been around for so very long, that I am walking on streets that people have been walking on for thousands of years. Thousands of years!

And before we knew it, it was time to head to the grocery store to stock up on our favorite regional specialties on our way out of town. It's my favorite way to extend a short trip - bringing my favorites home. Have you taken any fun day trips lately?

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