12 July 2012

my favorite restaurant in summer

Up a very narrow and winding road is one of our favorite restaurants to visit in the summertime, L'Auberge de Bionnassay. 

It is a stopping spot for trekkers and hikers going around the Mont Blanc, and  is aptly named since they have a nice view of the Bionnassay Glacier. 

They have a little farm with a llama, a donkey, chickens and rabbits. The rabbit was surrounded by a new litter of kits the last time we went.

Clover is a happy boy when we are there. So much to see and do. He also managed to get a tour of the kitchen from the owner who let him in on the secret of where the ice cream cones are stored. 

We now have the slight issue that Clover walks around like he owns the place. But it seems he only needs a few minutes wherever we go for that to happen.

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