16 August 2012

and now, you are two

I love the gap between your two front teeth.

I love the deep depths of your blue eyes.

And the way your tiny hands clasp tightly around my neck for a hug when you are tired.

I love your adorable elocution when you say yes. oui. One might think the word has nearly three syllables.

I love your excitement to wave from the window.  In the mornings, once we've given your papa all the kisses he can stand and he's headed out the door, you hurry to push your chair up to the window. You scramble up to your perch to wave and smile at him as he drives off to work.

I love the way you transform a stick or really anything into a cane and pretend to hobble about. Where did you learn that?

And your laughter, especially when you are being tickled. I love that laugh. Pure joy.

I love you and now, you are two. Happy birthday, Clover.


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