29 August 2012

you might want to stand up for this

I can't believe that we are staring down the final days of August.  Where did the summer go? I told Félix, rather urgently, that I thought I needed to up my ice cream consumption for the last of the hot weather. And I totally meant what I said.  We've really made the most of this summer though.  I think that is why it feels like it has gone by so quickly.

This past weekend, we headed to the Lac d'Annecy to do something that's been on my summer bucket list for ages. We tried our hand at Stand Up Paddling.  If you aren't familiar with it, the sport originated in Hawaii.  Waikiki surfers used paddles to get out past the reef break to surf bigger and better waves. Stand up paddling has picked up a lot of momentum all around the world and can be found in both salt and fresh water, now. It is easy to understand the popularity. It is so much fun.

It felt amazing to be out on the water.  The sun was shining. The lake was calm.  It was gorgeous.  We only paddled for an hour, but the time flew by. It was so peaceful.  Although I did get honked at by a lake ferry. I was in my blissful, paddling mindset when I half-wittedly thought the captain could steer his big old boat around me.  The horn blasts easily made it clear who would be yielding to whom. Félix and I braced for the waves while the passengers grinned and took photos. We grinned back.

We are officially hooked on this sport. Once we returned our boards, we strolled over to the old town for sushi in the sunshine. It was a completely dreamy day.  Have you tried stand up paddling? Or, maybe just standing up independent of paddling is more your thing?

In any case, I hope you are enjoying these final days of August!


  1. yessss! i love it! i have barely been at all this summer. good for you. gorgeous pix.

  2. My sister sent me your blog a while back, and I just love it. Your writing, photos, and stories are all fantastic, and your family is too beautiful. So wonderful to catch up (and live vicariously!) in this way! xox, Emily

  3. Sara, you always have great SUP pics. So fun!

    Emily, thank you for reading and for leaving such a sweet message. So happy to have you following along on our adventures. all the best! xo

  4. That looks like a lot of fun! I rented a kayak this summer and loved it. I wonder, do you fall in the water a lot? I don't know if I could take many spills up here in the icy North Sea (yes, even in July/August).

  5. Liz, it depends on the board. The guy that rented us the boards gave Félix one that was pretty squirrely and he ended up in the drink. Luckily though the water was nice and warm. I thought it would be a lot more wobbly than it was though. It's pretty stable. Kayaking in the North Sea sounds wonderful!


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