09 November 2012

a nice warm-up

Recently, Félix and I had our first hot chocolate of the season.  Is it obvious whose mug requires the most marshmallows?

It's mine. It's always mine.

It practically required blackmail to get that man to put a fluffy marshmallow in his cocoa. He's still not sold on the idea, which is wonderful news of course;  it leaves many, many more for me.

How are you warming-up these days?


  1. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that a Frenchman would decline a little guimauve in the chocolat chaud. I love that photo of your two cups -- one with the tiniest marshmallow concession :)

    I've been warming up with my new wooly slippers -- bliss!

  2. I love how you put it, Ann. The tiniest marshmallow concession sums up the situation perfectly.

  3. Just discovered your blog, it's lovely! I'll be back to visit again soon :)


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