19 November 2012

thinking about holiday travel

the Alps as seen from our most recent flight to Nice

Will you be up in the friendly skies or out on the roads this holiday season? Clover and I will be heading to Seattle.  It's been years since I spent Christmas with my side of the family.  I am ecstatic, just buzzing with anticipation and I find it hard to concentrate on much else than thinking about our trip next month.  

It will just be Clover and me.  Félix will be working hard and studying harder amidst the holiday fêtes over here.  Needless to say my fear of flying still stands, especially since this time I'll be doing it solo. However, my trepidation has done nothing to overshadow the utter excitement for our stay in the states.  

I keep reminding myself of the quote above.  I find it applicable for this trip but also for making the most of the days until we are on our way and at cruising altitude high above the Atlantic.  I thought you might enjoy it, too?  

Wishing you safe travels, holiday or otherwise, wherever they take you and much happiness along the way. 


  1. That is such a wonderful quote! Christmas in Seattle sounds really fantastic! I bet that you'll have the best time. Yay, sweetie. Happy Monday.

  2. i like this. definitely will be filing it away for my next flight.

    happy holidays and travels! i love seattle. :)

  3. Thanks, ladies. I am super excited for Seattle. Happy Holidays to you both!!


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