15 November 2011


In a moment of weakness while grocery shopping last week, I picked up a new toy for Clover.  I needed a ball that he could hold in his hand, wouldn't fit in his mouth and couldn't too easily destroy. Oddly enough, enter the ping pong ball. Clover spends ages putting them in his red bucket, dumping them out and starting all over again.  My husband had the great fortune of picking them up one night while I was putting Clover to bed.  Still super happy with my ingenious purchase, I asked him afterwards don't you think the ping pong balls are fun? He said, they are great but did you really need to get 18 of them? Ha, ha.  No, no I didn't, but everytime Clover pours them tumbling out of his bucket I am reminded of the sound of hundreds of ping pong balls falling onto the stage on the Captain Kangaroo show from when I was little. Do you remember that show? 

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