24 November 2011

a time of thanks

After yet  another rough night, my big plans for time in the kitchen were replaced with lots of cuddling and book-reading with the tiniest member of our family. In years past, I have made traditional Thanksgiving dinners with lots of  friends, let the day pass completely by without the slightest fanfare and everything in between. Yesterday was nice, no expectations and the feeling that whatever effort I put into this holiday would be just enough.  I'm thankful for the seasons in life, accepting the time to slow down, rolling with the punches, and even, reveling in their beauty. I'm thankful for family, near and far, for a loving, intelligent husband,  our adorable son, for health and happiness, both, ours and that of those around us.  Sending out lots of  love for the holiday! I hope you found this Thanksgiving (or if you didn't celebrate, just this regular old Thursday) to be perfectly joyful.

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