11 January 2012

digging out

Once everyone leaves town after the holidays, life slows back down again in our ski village. And, I find it is very easy to feel snowed under by the New Year lull.  Here are some of the ways I've been combatting the inevitable beginning of January slump:   

  • Putting Clover in the pack and going for walks
  • Going for an afternoon crêpe in Chamonix with my two boys
  • Skiing in the sunshine with Félix
  • Keeping an eye out for photos I want to take
  • Meeting friends for coffee in the morning
  • Putting on some good music
  • Dancing to some good music
  • Watching Clover dance to some good music
  • Having friends over for tea in the afternoon
  • Researching new projects that I can take on
  • Going looking for shooting stars
  • Celebrating our wedding anniversary – 5 years with Félix, already!
  • Signing up to volunteer at a ski race
  • And when I don't have the energy to get out and go for a walk, I say yes to the people that do.  (Thanks, A & A!)

Reading back through this list, I easily forget that I was ever feeling anything less than joyful about the arrival of January. In fact, I quite like this time of year.

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