24 January 2012

keeping it light

And, I'm back. I fell into a blackhole of winter colds, flu and bronchitis accompanied by a sleep-striking toddler.  Let's pretend like that never happened because really, I wish it hadn't. So back to blogging, this list of 33 Ways to Stay Creative had been keeping me inspired and motivated before the winter flu black hole attacked.  I saw it on pinterest awhile ago and wrote up my own. I have it propped up on our counter, tucked behind a vase and everyone that comes over for a visit seems to gravitate toward it, picking it up and reading through it, which really surprised me and made me smile.  It's not perfect but it's a fun, colorful reminder to lighten up and look around, a reminder I seem to need daily. The full list:

 1.  Make lists
 2.  Carry a notebook everywhere.
 3.  Try free writing
 4.  Get away from the computer
 5.  Be otherworldly
 6.  Quit beating yourself up.
 7.  Take breaks
 8.  Sing in the Shower
 9.  Drink coffee...or tea
10. Know your roots
11. Listen to new music
12. Be open
13. Surround yourself with creative people
14. Get feedback
15. Collaborate.
16. Don't give up
17.Practice, Practice, Practice
18. Allow yourself to make mistakes
19. Go somewhere new
20. Watch foreign films
21.Count your blessings
22. Get lots of rest
23. Take risks
    24.     BREAK    THE          RULES
25. Do more of what makes you happy
26. Don't force it
27. Read a page of the dictionary
28. Create a framework
29. Stop trying to be someone else's perfect
30. Got an idea? write it down
31. Clean your workspace
32. Have fun
33. Finish something

What would you add?

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