15 February 2012

between bookends

We've been reading L'Inventeur by Jean-Francois Martin lately. It's a sweet book with beautiful illustrations. I only get about one sentence read aloud before Clover feels the need to turn a page. Which turns out is quite nice, since it means that we spend most of our time looking at the delightful drawings over and over.

The inventor, Monsieur Félix, creates one invention per week, 52 inventions per year. But, when the Man in Green arrives demanding that Monsieur Félix come up with a new invention to turn millionaires into billionaires, he leaves our favorite inventor stumped and distraught.

I won't giveaway the wonderful ending, but don't you love these illustrations?

What are you reading these days?

Or, maybe you're in the same boat as us, mostly perusing pictures over and over again?


  1. As an English teacher I'm beyond happy you're reading to your little one - or at least trying to ;) He is adorable.

  2. Sage can't get enough of The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss. Goofy illustrations and just the right number of words, plus a certain rhythm that appeals to his dancing side :)

  3. We have some Dr. Seuss books but I hadn't heard of the Foot Book. It sounds great, especially since it has Sage's stamp of approval. Thanks for sharing, Naomi!


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