07 February 2012

double down

This picture is from one of our previous walks. Mostly, I haven't been outside for longer than about 5 minutes this week, otherwise, I start to lose my nose or anything else that peeks out from under my many layers.  It's still absolutely arctic today, but there is a lot to love about these glacial temperatures. The first thing that comes to mind is the necessity for two down comforters on the bed. I find that it's the coziest way to wake up in the morning.

How are you staying warm this winter? Any good tips?


  1. It's been in the 60's (F) this week. Door open, heater off, bring it on Spring. It's been fantastic. - Tara J., Seattle, WA

  2. Snuggle with my little bug in bed :)

  3. What wild february weather, T! It sounds wonderful.

    Naomi, that is a perfect way to cope with the cold. Gros bisous à vous deux!

  4. Anonymous19/4/12 06:21

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