03 February 2012

small talk

For this to be real small talk, we should probably chat about the weather, shouldn't we? It is so, so, so cold here. It was -20° C this morning and it's only supposed to get colder. I've been drinking lots of coffee to cope. What's it like where you are?

The latest earth-shattering news: Clover got his first haircut.  He looks adorable and it makes him look very grown up, well, in a little boy way. I love it.

The latest from the interwebs: the internet is abuzz (and rightfully so) about this new, perfectly-curated shop, Mignon Kitchen Co., founded by a Seattle girl whose blog I follow. Have you seen it already? There are so many items that I would pick out for a friend... or for myself.

Of course, the small talk would be lacking without mention of a recent meal... A Nutella commercial on the radio gently reminded us listeners that le Chandeleur (originally a christian holiday which over time has evolved or devolved into a holiday for eating crêpes) was on the 2nd of February. Never ones to ignore a holiday, Félix and I opted for lunch at a quaint crêperie in town. Delicious! Le Chandeleur might be my favorite fête in February.

Well, it's been nice catching up. How do you want to play it? Should we just let the conversation awkwardly peter out or do you want to pretend like you need to take a call? Yes, go ahead, you should probably take that call.

Have a great weekend!

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