20 March 2013

a tight-knit community

In our tiny village people know each other very well and in most cases are pretty supportive of one another.  Last winter our community was tightly-knit for another reason, Street Art!  Specifically, yarn-bombing!

Our town was warmly bundled up against the cold. All throughout the village stitches upon stitches brought a touch of warmth and color.  Even one of the gondolas at the ski area got the wooly treatment.  This year, they are yarn-bombing the forest (near where I like to take my walks) in the cross country ski area, here's the commercial that runs on the reader board in the square, inciting people to get their needles and yarn ready for this year's project.  Do you knit? 

See more good yarn-bombing here!

1 comment:

  1. I can't get over how picturesque and postcard-y (that's not a word) your town looks! It's something out of a fairytale, all covered in snow. Yarn bombing is starting to take off here it seems, in small doses, but I can't contribute because I cannot knit for the life of me! My grandmother has tried to teach me, to no avail. I always end up with a knot and a lot of frustration.


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