10 March 2013

birds of a feather

After reading through some of the archives the other day, I see that I repeat a lot of the same themes. Two things I mention often are appreciating the changing seasons and how much I love coffee.  It's true that sometimes I look forward to the next morning mainly because it means another opportunity for my ritual café au lait...or two. And yes,  I openly admit addiction but, now there is another reason to happily greet the first rays of the day aside from my latte. It's because the birds are back and chirping again. Such a joyful tune to hear!  Their sweet song is made all the more amazing by their prolonged absence during the winter.

In honor of their return, here is the best of the web-- all things avian.

1.  Birds with mustaches, no. really. They have mustaches and they aren't trying to be ironic. It's called an Inca Tern. Handlebar mustaches have never been so wonderful.

2. This Bird Ballet video is beautiful --so beautiful you get completely lost in the movement, the music, the sunset and shadows.  A must see! ( via Black Eiffel )

3. This clip of the finest bird song of 1890. Yes, 1890! It's amazingly realistic.  Created by Bontems, a noted Parisian specialist, maker of automaton singing birds. Genius!  (via Even Cleveland)

4. A fun DIY Bird Feeder to make with kids.  Easy and entertaining for all.

5. My glittering hibou above is from this outing.  I found it at the adorable shop, Sweet Bee,  if you are ever in the area, it's well-curated and worth a browse.

As always, these aren't sponsored links, just fun things I wanted to share. Happy clicking!

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