16 March 2012

all lined up

What do you have lined up for the weekend?  Tonight, we're hiking up to a mountain chalet for a little authentic Savoyard dinner with friends. Saturday, we'll be running errands and Sunday looks to have some fun, low-key birthday activities.

 Clover and Félix got to spend the whole day together yesterday.  Clover is a happier boy for it.  I've already caught him twice today sneaking into the bathroom to put on some of his papa's cologne.  The other thing that he is big into right now is clomping around in Félix's boots.  

The louder he stomps, the bigger I smile. I am looking forward to spending some good, quality time with my boys this weekend. Wishing you a good weekend, too!


  1. Oh my goodness, how darling are those pictures?? Little boys are the best.

  2. love! love the pix. love those sorels. i think my man needs a pair.

  3. Thanks, Kayla. You are so right about little boys.

    Sara, I highly recommend them but they should come with a warning, they make the man dangerously hot at least I have found that to be true. :)


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