03 March 2012

divisive greens

Brussels sprouts might just be the most polarizing of all the vegetables. It seems that people either fanatically love them or adamantly hate them. I fall into the love category. Félix who is just about the most easy-to-please eater I know, falls into the latter.  I have a braised sprouts recipe that I enjoy so much I have to make it in small batches. For one, I am the only one eating them, and two, this recipe is so good that I could eat to the point of giving myself a stomachache.  And I think we can agree that a brussels sprouts hangover is not a pretty thing.

The recipe that I use comes from Molly Wizenberg of Orangette, who originally plucked it from Molly Steven's cookbook, All About Braising. When I make it, I add in some milk to reduce the cream and almost never have lemon juice on hand but the thing is it doesn't really matter.  After carmelizing the sprouts, they take on this nutty flavor that is just delicious. Addictive, really.

I pinned an avocado lime brussel sprouts recipe from the Little Red House, recently, too. It appears that it might just have that same effect as my tried and true way of making them.

What do you think? Which category do you fall into when it comes to brussels sprouts? Yuck or Yum?

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  1. Anonymous19/4/12 06:14

    Yum, I love brussel sprouts too! Can't wait to try Molly's recipe. Drooling just thinking about it. The same way I did when I found out you started a blog. ;)
    Anna F.


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