23 March 2012

on the board

Lately when we've gone on a walk through the village,  Clover steers us in one certain direction, just so he can try to get one foot in the local cheese shop. On a recent family stroll, we actually needed to pick up some cheeses. The little man was over the moon that he got to visit and even peek behind the counter.   The owners of the store are sweet. They find Clover to be rather charming, which is fortunate since he likes to visit them any chance he gets.

They stock their shop with regional, artisanal cheeses and are passionate about their offerings. It's always fun to see what's available.  We opted for a bleu from Piedmont to change things up and a Tomme de Savoie for the sure favorite; both are wonderful.  What's your cheese of choice these days? 


  1. This just made me even more excited. France, see you tomorrow. :)

  2. Hope your trip is wonderful, Meg!

  3. Oh how I miss Swiss/French/Italian cheese... Sadly, it's mainly Jarlsberg and Norwegian "brunost" (brown goatsmilk cheese) for me these days.


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