19 March 2012

Auberge de Colombaz

photo credit: JYR
I had a great start to my birthday weekend and it just happens to perfectly coincide with the Love the Place You Live series by Gabrielle at Design Mom. The idea is to get out and enjoy a place close to home, share about it and link up with others that did the same.

On Friday night, we hiked up to l'Auberge de Colombaz, a remote mountain chalet inaccessible by car.  It was a beautiful clear night, the Alps making a perfect outline against the star filled sky.  Dinner was delicious, all authentic Savoyard cuisine made even more tasty by the steep, winding hike just before.  My favorite part, besides the wonderful company, was sledding down the mountain, headlamps lighting the way.  It was a much quicker trip back down on our speedy red sleds.  High altitude restaurants and midnight sledding make for just two of the many, many reasons why I love where we live.

This was also the first time I tried my hand at night photography.  I'm lucky to have a talented photographer friend who showed me the ropes...and then let me use one of his photos when none of mine turned out. Thanks, JYR!

So please share, what are you loving close to home these days?


  1. Anonymous21/3/12 00:51

    is sounds beautiful! who wouldn't love a place like that?! i'm always on the lookout for something new to photograph and so i do get out quite often and explore my neighborhoods. it's one of my favorites things to do when i'm not otherwise occupied.

    warm greetings!

  2. leyla, thanks for reading. Your photos are gorgeous. Consider me your newest follower.

  3. This looks like paradise :)

  4. Visiting from Design Mom's link-up. Amazing photo! I love this date too - sound like the perfect adventure!

    We have been enjoying time outside as it gets warmer here in New England.

  5. Lo, I find that to be quite true. :)

    Thanks for stopping by Ann.

  6. sounds like a perfect evening. i miss nights like that.


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