24 March 2012

a hint, a whisper

What's it like where you are? It is officially spring here but there are still piles and piles of snow that have yet to disappear. Slowly but surely though the snow's coverage has been shrinking and in the patches where it has melted, now there is just the slightest hint of green. It's that little bit, the small whisper of spring letting us know that it's truly on its way that is making me breathe a little deeper, sit up a little straighter.

The sun is out today.  It's warm enough this afternoon that I've left the window open. It feels so refreshing to be airing things out. Down in the valley, trees are budding; flowers are blooming and the grass has regained its bright green hue. We're moving a little slower than that up here in the mountains, but we're stepping closer to spring nonetheless.

Hope you can soak up a little sunshine where you are!

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